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Hudson Lockers is a meat processing facility located at 621 Cedar Street in Hudson, Colorado.  Our award winning business has been owned and operated by the Sydow family for over thirty years. Jerry has over 50 years of experience in the meat industry and Darren has over 25, starting when he was in high school.

For many years the focus of the business was strictly on custom slaughtering and processing but early in 2005, Darren &  Jerry closed the plant for a complete remodel of the entire facility. The result is a modern, expanded, and fully equipped, meat processing  facility and retail operation. Custom slaughtering and processing is still a very important part of the business and one of the many benefits of the expansion is that it has  allowed us to significantly shorten the waiting time for appointments from six to eight weeks down to no more than a week.

We have a beautiful retail area highlighting the many smoked meat products that we offer, including our special in-house products developed from our prize winning recipes. In addition to our mouth watering smoked sausages and meats, and delicious fresh sausages, you can stock your freezer with sides of beef and hogs all available from our excellent local producers.  From simple snacks, easy party ideas, and large group gatherings, we offer a variety of customized meat bundles, ground beef options, and aged USDA Choice steaks and roasts, all ready to take home to your family or special gathering.  Whatever your needs, we'll be there to help you serve the best products available.

Other custom services Hudson Lockers offers, include:

    Custom slaughtering
    Custom processing
    Wild game processing
    Retail sales