Wild Game Processing

Wild Game

Minimum charge of $65.00 must be paid at time of delivery - no checks
Processing Charges
Cut And Wrap $1.00/lb. Skin Antelope NO CHARGE
Minimum charge: $65.00 Skin deer NO CHARGE
Extra charge of $.25/lb for animals requiring extra cleaning and handling Cape Deer $50
Processing charge includes cutting and wrapping of steaks, chops, and roasts, and grinding of burger. All cuts are vacuum packaged to preserve freshness and extend storage life.  Burger will be packaged in high barrier plastic bags. Skin Elk NO CHARGE
Cape Elk $85
Extra charge if you keep hide.
Other Processing
Trimmings brought in for burger $.50/lb grind only Fresh Sausage
  $.85/lb grind and package Breakfast,German, Italian, Bratwurst
Pork added to burger or sausage $2.00/lb Bulk Sausage $2.00/lb.
Beef added to burger or sausage $2.50/lb. In casings, add: $1.00/lb.
Pork fat or beef suet added $.99/lb Linked Sausage: $3.50/lb.
    Jalapeno/Cheddar $3.50/lb.

Example: If you bring in 20 lbs trim and we add 5 lbs suet, the charges will be 5 lbs * $.99 plus 25 * $.50 = $17.45 to grind only Above pricing includes added pork
Smoked Sausage and Jerky
Smoked items will require extra time. Pricing of smoked items includes vacuum packing to maintain freshness. Pork will be added to smoked sausage and is included in price. Prices calculated on starting weight before processing.  Smoked products are vacuum packed for extra long storage life.
Summer Sausage (1.5 lb chubs) $4.50/chub
Jalapeno/Cheddar Summer Sausage (1.5 lb chubs) $5.00/chub
Smoked link sausage  $3.50/lb.
Smoked Jalapeno/Cheddar Brats $3.50/lb
 Darren's Hot Dogs  4.00/lb
Snack Sticks (Packaged in 1/2 lb packages) $2.50/pkg
 Snack Sticks with added cheese and/or jalapenos (Packaged in 1/2 lb packages) $2.75/pkg
Jerky Packaged in 1/2 lb packages) $4.00/pkg


You will receive your own meat on all fresh sausage and smoked sausage made in batches of 25 lbs or larger. Smoked sausage in quantities smaller than 25 lbs will be batch processed. We will batch only trimmings which are clean and fresh. All animals and trimmings must be clean and fresh or they will be refused.